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Cosmetics offer and price list


Plucking and dyeing

12,00 €

Pure skin of the Frischekick Treatment

Cleansing, plucking, peeling, steaming then deep cleansing, active ingredient ampoule, facial massage, eyebrows and eyelashes tinting, mask and day care

45,00 € | Duration approx. 60 minutes

Clear + Treatment / Radiantly beautiful

same treatment as above only special products are used

  • Skin is intensively clarified
  • pH value is regulated
  • existing impurities are fought against, the emergence of
  • new impurities are prevented
  • the skin relief is refined
  • Skin is well hydrated
  • Irritations and redness are reduced

55,00 € | Duration approx. 60-80 min.

Hyper Sensitive Treatment / Velvet and Silk

same treatment as above only Hyper Sensitive products are used

  • Detailed skin analysis to detect malfunctions and
  • to adjust the treatment to it

55,00 € | Duration approx. 60 minutes

Treatment for the man

Cleansing fluid, peeling, steaming afterwards deep cleansing, active substance ampoule, massage, mask afterwards day care or fluid on request eyebrow correction

42,00 € | Duration approx. 60 minutes

Golden Caviar Reverse Treatment

  • Skin-specific cleaning
  • Skin-specific peeling
  • Ampoule Golden Caviar Concentrate is massaged with 24 carat gold leaf a
  • Instant Beauty-Firming & Hydration fleece mask
  • Massage is performed with a special cream Radiance + Anti-Age Sleeping Serum

110,00 € | Duration approx. 90 minutes

Acid Treatment / Spring Awakening

Individual and skin-specific
Cleaning, acid treatment, active substance ampoule, mask and final care

70,00 € | Duration approx. 45 minutes

5 stars treatment + hyaluronic acid

Needling Skin Specific
Cleansing, peeling, treatment with the Needling roller, mask and final care

90,00 € | Duration approx. 60 minutes

Massage Aroma-Oil-Wellness

Full body massage
Neck and back

Massage Aroma-Öl-Wellness

60,00 € | Duration approx. 60 minutes
30,00 € | Duration approx. 30 minutes